About BMN


On 26th of January 2002 in the city of Plovdiv at the missionary work meeting, about 60 Christians (missionaries, pastors, God’s servants) from different denominations from all over Bulgaria took the decision to found Bulgarian Missionary Network ( BMN ).  

The goals of BMN are:  

  1. To search, edify, equip and finance sending Bulgarian missionaries in 10/40 Window. All the goals below are subjected to this main goal.
  2. Opening a missionary school for theoretical and practical preparation.
  3. Joining new Churches with missionary vision in BMN.
  4. Working for the demolishing of the walls between Churches and denominations.
  5. Publishing and distributing the Bulgarian missionary magazine “Go”.
  6. Organizing of missionary seminars in the Churches who are part of BMN.
  7. Actively supporting the nation of Israel.