For a very long time the Bulgarian Church was with closed eyes to the spiritual need of the countries in "10/40 Window ". By God's grace now the time has come this to change.

Now in Bulgaria have Churches and Christians which are ready to accomplish the Great Commission of Lord Jesus and I believe that the places of nowadays spiritual darkness will be bright lighted with the light of the Gospel carried from Bulgarian missionaries.

The Bulgarian Missionary Network is take on it's focus all countries included in this "Window" and with His help we will not stay jobless while others are working on the the field and gave their lives for the Master who paid for them.

You, who are reading this lines and you have know His love , what are you doing regarding His Name to be glorified among the pagans ? And there is so much to be done . I am encouraging you to thing about this , and your thinking to be transform into prayer and your prayer to be transform into action for His glory. Be blessed!