Rhodopi Map (in Bulgarian)The Rhodopi mountains are a theritory in Bulgaria which needs Lord Jesus and His workers the most. This mountain is a part of the 10/40 Window. Here reside about 1 million people, living in more than 500 villages and several towns. Most of the people confess Islam and the ethnic groups are Turks, Pomaks and Bulgarians.

Anually millions of dollars coming from Saudi Arabia, Iran and Turkey are invested in building of mosques (more than 800). Although there are several Orthodox temples and Evangelical societies, yet this mountain is unreached with the Gospel. These are the facts in brief.

What does the Church in Bulgaria do to change this situation from its root?

It's a pity that few Christians have a desire the Name of Jesus to be proclaimed with power among the Muslims there. This spiritual darkness that surrounds the Rhodopi is a challenge from the devil towards the Church in Bulgaria. God on His hand has given us everything that we need to reach these souls. There are enough Christians, finance and vehicles in Bulgaria that make possible the evangelizing of the Rhodopi.

Only one thing is missing - a heart for this task to be accomplished. There are no burning hearts, because there is a lack of understanding the importance of the Command the Lord gave: "Go and make desiples from all nations".

Are you ready to go? If not, are you ready to give for the Work of God there? If not, are you ready to pray? Are you ready to make other hearts to burn for this? Those questions are not just in vain, but questions you have to ask and answer yourself. Imagine you're in the place of these Muslims. If you consider they are happy with their faith and that they would have eternal life believing in Mohamed - just don't do anything. But if you think that they are condemned to eternal fire - stand up, because "there are still large areas of land to be taken over" (Joshua 13:1).